[EP 73] Farting in the Rain feat. Josh Kuderna & Mike Moran

Episode: 73
Guest(s): Josh Kuderna & Mike Moran

Hola DigHeads! This week we speak to two of our favorite comedians in Baltimore, nay the milky way! That’s right, on this episode Josh and Mike get the distinguished pleasure to speak to stand-up comedians/improv actors, Josh Kuderna and Mike Moran! Josh mostly handles the Mike Moran questions, while Mike focuses more on talking about himself.

No, this is not some desperate attempt to scrape together an episode for the week due to a cancelation and inability to find a last-minute replacement; this is a desperate attempt to scrape together an episode due to a cancelation and lazy unwillingness to find a last-minute replacement!

Seriously though, this turned out to be a great conversation. We get silly and in-depth and barely quote The Simpsons randomly! We converse about our lives and where we are in the local world of Baltimore comedy.

Thanks everyone for your support! If you get a chance, find us on Stitcher, rate us on iTunes, and perhaps tell a friend or two about the DigSesh. And come see us live! Love you!

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