[EP 99] Josh & Mike’s Thanksgiving Extravaganza! feat. Josh & Mike!

Episode: 99
Guest(s): Josh & Mike!

Hola DigHeads! Happy Thanksgiving! Cut yourself a slice of pumpkin pie, fasten a buckle to your hat and shoes, hand a Native American an infected blanket, and relax with your favorite pair of ear buds! On this week’s Digression Sessions, Josh and Mike celebrate Thanksgiving by focusing an episode on the two things they are most thankful for: Josh Kuderna and Mike Moran! That’s right no guest this week, just the love between the two hosts!

On this week’s episode Josh and Mike let loose by discussing their favorite personal Thanksgiving stories, of which neither have a single one. Also Josh admits his traditional Thanksgiving meat relapse (don’t tell his sponsor), Mike learns of the band, The Lost Prophets, for one of the worst reasons…and then they joke about it for 20 minutes or so…

Thanks for listening everyone! We are truly thankful for you guys! We have listeners all around the world and you guys are damn amazing! If you get a chance, please subscribe and leave us an iTunes review, find the Digression Sessions Facebook page, and maybe tell a friend about Digression Sessions. We Love you!

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