[EP 128] Shutterbugs In The Park! feat. John F. O'Donnell!

Episode: 128
Guest(s): John F. O'Donnell!

Hola DigHeads! On this week’s episode, Mike has the week off and Josh sits down in the park with comedian, fellow podcaster, and political correspondent for Redacted Tonight, John F. O’Donnell! His albums are available here – LiveFromOutterSpace.com !!!

John and Josh discuss a number of topics including the terrifying Disney drone propaganda for kids known as “Shutterbugs,” what it’s like to have politics on the mind all the time, killer robots (for real), the balance of comedy and politics, starting out in stand up, 50 first jokes, his hand in the start of great club in NY called The Creek & The Cave, and more! Check out more Redacted Tonight clips here – bit.ly/RedactedTonight

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