[EP 136] Roller Skates & Parachute Pants feat. Joe Matarese!

Episode: 136
Guest(s): Joe Matarese!

Hola DigHeads! On this week’s episode, Josh and guest cohost comedian Stavros Halkias sit down in the green room of Magooby’s Joke House to talk to comedian, Joe Matarese! Joe’s a veteran stand up, he recently appeared on America’s Got Talent, and he also has a very successful podcast called “Fixing Joe.”

Topics in the ep include: Matt Mcconaughey and Tom Cruise dying their hair, black rooms, Joe’s early struggles doing stand up in NYC and Florida, comedians wearing bowling shirts, and in a truly universal moment of kismet / time is a flat circle moment – Josh realizes that Joe was one of the first comedians he ever saw on MTV’s Spring Break comedy show. It was a hell of a moment, brother!

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