[EP 63] Sarah Jessica Parlor feat. Jim Meyer

Episode: 63
Guest(s): Jim Meyer

Hola Digheads! This week, Mike and Josh have the pleasure of chatting with the talented writer and stand up comedian, Jim Meyer!

Jim is a grown ass man and walking this world as a Comedy Highlander. Jim Meyer has been called the greatest force of laughter the Earth will ever know by Jim Meyer. He has been called a ray of light in a world overcome with darkness by Josh Kuderna. He’s also been called Mike by the Chinese woman at the sub shop who never remembers his name.

We were lucky enough to talk to Jim about his trip to the holy land – Petersburg, Kentucky – to visit the Creation Museum for an article he’s writing for Grist Magazine. Ya see, Adam and Eve walked amongst velociraptors 6,000 years ago. Just a little while before Noah built that big boat!

Jim also shares the harrowing story of when he fought of a gun toting robber on the porch of his Baltimore home. It’s truly a terrifying story, and we really appreciate Jim sharing the story on the cast.

We also discuss boring Satanist churches, hipster Al Borland, Tom Brady being made of CGI materials, Darfur – Worse Than the Other 3!, Mike accuses Josh of being TV ugly, Calvin peeing on stuff and praying for stuff, eastern standard Hammer Time (HT), and so much more!

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