[EP 143] Fit Potatoes feat. Jared Logan!

Episode: 143
Guest(s): Jared Logan!

Hola Digheads! After a week off, we’re back! Our guest is the wonderful and hilarious comedian, Jared Logan! Buy his album, My Brave Battle, right now! And to sweeten the pot even more, our old lover, Sean Joyce, is back in the cohost chair. Sean is a funny dude as well and runs shows 7 nights a week in DC. For info on those, go to UndergroundComedyDC.com!

While there were some technical difficulties (Josh forgot to record the first 10 minutes of the pod, like an idiot), the boys had a great talk in a basement before Jared’s show about starting out in Chicago, grown ups that are into Disney, is comedy art?, moving to New York, setting goals, and terrible TV gigs!

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