[EP 103] I’m Important 66 feat. Daniel Heffner

Episode: 103
Guest(s): Daniel Heffner

Hola DigHeads! This week, we welcome Josh’s longtime pal, Daniel Heffner onto the show for a birthday discussion. And we do a swift 103nd show anniversary commentary over the long-sought after, yet never released, famed first Dig Sesh episode. Nonetheless, this was a super fun episode and Daniel is a great guest!

Josh and Mike were going to do a solo ep, but Daniel was in town for his birthday and he was nice enough to sit down with them Dig Sesh boys. We discuss Daniel’s stance on religion, his fashion life as he’s recently discovered the secrets to staying hip via an online stylist, and Daniel reveals himself as one of the top-ranked poker players in the world (in the top 1000!).

Then we attempt an experimental, unprecedented podcasting commentary track…briefly.

Hope this ep finds you well in the new year, DigHeads! Say hi on our Facebook page and give us a positive iTunes review! Plus pick up the latest Skeptic Magazine and Atomic Books, Barnes and Noble, etc., Mike’s column on Satanism is within! Thanks for all the support in 2013 DigHeads, we look forward to another year of laughter, love, and living our dreams!

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