[EP 164] Bone Altar feat. Henry Zebrowski!

Episode: 164
Guest(s): Henry Zebrowski!

Hola DigHeads! On this week’s Digression Sessions we are honored to have comedian, podcaster, actor, satanist, and amature UFOlogist, Henry Zebowski! You may know Henry from Wolf of Wall Street where he played the character, Sea Otter, or from the Adult Swim series Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, or from the Last Podcast on the Left (one of Mike’s favorites). You may even know him from the upcoming NBC revival, Heroes Reborn.

We had a few technical difficulties with the recording since Henry was in Toronto. But, we had an excellent time discussing Henry’s career and the extreme spectrum it has run. From being just a millimeter away from achieving his lifelong dream of joining Saturday Night Live, only to have it snatched from him at the last minute, to finding fulfillment in the creation of his own passion projects.

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