[EP 86] Monsanto Mashed Potato feat. Grant Lindahl

Episode: 86
Guest(s): Grant Lindahl

Hola DigHeads! On this week’s podcast we bid farewell to another Digression Sessions ally – Grant Lindahl! Grant is not dying, he’s merely moving to another land, a Port-Land! We were grateful to have Grant for one last romp around the cast this week, before he ships out (Dearest Martha, how I long for your bosom).

Grant has kept the flame of alt-comedy- nerdiness burning strong in the local scene over the last few years. He has smashed guitars at stand-up shows, sketched other comedians in action (check out the drawing of Josh and Mike from the Chris LaMartina ep on the website), and now has a cartoon webseries called “Damaged” going with New York comedian Liz Miele! Check it out!

We chat with Grant about Damaged, Grant’s near-joining of the military over art-school (what?!), Grant’s curious habit of tormenting his Mother with photos of a non-existant cousin, and Josh’s adventures in performing comedy at a local Gay leather club. Spoiler-alert: no gay sex (what?!).

Thanks for stomping in Grant, this was another fun and interesting discussion!

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