[EP 18] George Clooney References feat. Mike Finazzo

Episode: 18
Guest(s): Mike Finazzo

Hola Digheads! Your two favorite ear buds are back and we be diggier and seshier than ever in 2k12!!! On this episode we are joined by comedian, film maker, lover, glasses wearer, and all around good fucking guy – MIKE FINAZZO!!! We talk about all kinds of ish, but mostly about George Clooney movies. Your opinion of this ep will not be UP IN THE AIR! This ep is so funny it’ll have you in the ER! We are so glad Mike Finazzo came back. His forces combined with the Mike and Josh’s created THE PERFECT STORM of funny! And now let’s wait for the Return of the Killer Tomatoes!! …..MICHAEL CLAYTON!!

Go see Mike Finazzo at the Sidebar in Baltimore on Sunday, March 4, 2012 for the live recording of his stand up comedic stylings.


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