[EP 106] The Bro Down Throw Down! feat. Mike Finazzo!

Episode: 106
Guest(s): Mike Finazzo!

Hola DigHeads! On this week’s episode, Josh sits down for a one-on-one Barbara Walters style interview with his hilarious and his damn talented friend, Mike Finazzo! There were a few less dick jokes and more tears than a traditional Barbara style interview, but it was still a good one! Finazzo’s been doing stand up all over the East Coast for the past 4 years and he just put out his second album, “The Cheery Side of Denial.” LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE! Donate if you’d like!

Mike and Josh discuss the making of Cheery Side, getting robbed by thieves, working with Dennis Miller, hotel mirrors with TVs in them, and they engage in a game of footsie for the ages!

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