[EP 94] F This Podcast! feat. Thomas & Sam

Episode: 94
Guest(s): Thomas & Sam

Hola DigHeads! This week we Skype with Thomas and Sam of F This Podcast! Thomas also hosts the “Thomas and the Bible” podcast where he reads the entire Bible front to back (and yes, makes fun of it). These are two seriously hilarious brothers (they’re actually brothers, not black guys) who’s comedy is enhanced by their admittedly “not trying” approach to the art. We here at Digression Sessions strongly encourage you to check out F this Podcast! and Thomas and the Bible.

On this episode we discuss a future utopia where cars run on poop, the new Google layout (or lack of one), the debate over how “Worcestershire sauce” is pronounced and Sam’s dissatisfaction with God’s design of his new daughter’s digestive system. Also, Mike finds a kindred spirit in Sam who has the same weird testicle thing as he (lots of testicle talk when Thomas is on).

Thanks to Sam and Thomas for joining us this week. We wish these guys lived closer so we could hang out! Also thanks to everyone for your comments and likes on the Facebook page. Please check out the calendar for all of Josh and Mike’s improv and standup dates! Love you!

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