[EP 38] A Life in Correct Grammar Enforcement feat. Dan Lisle & Megan Wills

Episode: 38
Guest(s): Dan Lisle & Megan Wills

Hola Digheads! Sorry for the delay! On this week’s show, stand up comedian and improviser Dan Lisle returns to the shores of the Dig Sesh and he brought along talented photographer and improviser Megan Wills with him for a nice chat.

Mike and Megan will be performing with the rest of Population 6 at the Hudson Guild Theatre at 6 pm June 30, 2012 as a part of the Del Close Marathon! Dan will be performing as a regular The Underground Lounge in NYC. Go check him out if you’re in the NYC area!

We also discuss a number of topics for this episode including, but not limited to: Fat Burger, grammar enforcement, raper vs. rapist, video games before you could save your progress, Expert of Nothing, Business Connects, Magnet Improv? How the fuck does that work?, pope selection, Josh’s story about the time he thought he had HIV Cancer Herpes, and much more!

AND Mike Finazzo’s album “Stupid Genius” is available via Josh’s record label Better Robot Records on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify! Only $3.99 on iTunes! (BetterRobotRecords.com)

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