[EP 82] J. Edgar Sideburns feat. Chris Hudson

Episode: 82
Guest(s): Chris Hudson

Hola DigHeads! This week we have Chris Hudson! Chris is a local stand-up comedian, musician, and wacky facial hair enthusiast who recently nearly died in a car accident! Nice try fate, but when the Digression Sessions schedules you, not even the cold scythe of death gives you an excuse to cancel.

On this episode, Chris reveals all of the traumatic details of his rendezvous with life’s hard and indifferent final act, as well as his perfectly trimmed sideburns! Luke Perry, move to the back of the bus!
Chris isn’t the only one willing to get real this week. Mike questions if to-go coffee lids are intentionally designed to drip coffee everywhere while Josh finally calls out and exposes the most evil individuals on the planet today. Hint: it has nothing to do with a recent, personal, experience of first-world inconvenience. Furthermore, tow truck yards are the scum of the Earth!

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