[EP 11] Bucket of He-Man w/ The Love Between 2 Hosts feat. No Guest

Episode: 11
Guest(s): No Guest

HOLA DIGHEADS! We are back for another hawt hawt Dig Sesh! And lucky you, we don’t have a guest this week! That’s right. It’s just the love between two hosts on this one. Apparently Chris Rock doesn’t like to return phone calls anymore! But, that’s aight. Mike Moran and Josh Kuderna pick up the ball that Chris Rock dropped and mold it into a beautiful lovely podcast for your listening expereience! This description needs more exclamation points!


We talk about it all on this one. There’s He-man, strip clubs, men who lactate, Morgan Freeman, Spiderman in Shawshank Penitentiary, and tragedy talk!

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