[EP 76] Who Is This Brandon Lescure? feat. Brandon Lescure

Episode: 76
Guest(s): Brandon Lescure

Hola DigHeads! This week we sit and chat with comedian, Brandon Lescure. Brandon is a major force behind the local comedy-team juggernaut, Color Me Funny. The self-proclaimed “glue” of the group, Brandon spends nearly as much time and effort working on CMF’s multiple stand-up shows, bi-weekly web videos, and other things in the works, as Josh and Mike spend thinking about doing things.

We talk with Brandon about his regular life (he’s a mailman), his stand-up career (he does this when not working as a mailman), and his desire to keep his day job as separated as possible from his comedy endeavors (which we understand, I mean he’s a mailman for Christ’s sake).

Seriously this is a great episode; Brandon is a funny and intelligent guy. We even foray into personal ghost tales, crime-fighting encounters, and Mike’s total ignorance of anything going on in the world of comedy. Oh, and we get a DigSesh exclusive as Brandon drops a major announcement about the future of Color Me Funny!

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