[EP 65] Hardcore Zen Strikes Back! feat. Brad Warner

Episode: 65
Guest(s): Brad Warner

Hola Digheads! On this week’s show Mike and Josh have another skype interview with very funny and very smart – Brad Warner!

Brad is a Sōtō Zen priest, author, blogger, documentarian and punk rock bass guitarist. Brad has played with Zero Defex and Dimentia 13 and published many books – such as Zen Wrapped in Karma Dipped in Chocolate, Sex, Sin, and Zen: A Buddhist Exploration of Sex from Celibacy to Polyamory and Everything in Between, and many more!

This episode was Brad’s second time on the show, but the first interview from his new LA abode.

We talk to Brad about Jesus, Hollywood’s Zen, and the movie he’s starring in – “Shoplifting From American Apparel.”


You can find Brad at – http://hardcorezen.blogspot.com/

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