[EP 25] Another Minicastisode feat. Mike Finazzo, Thomas Dotstry

Episode: 25
Guest(s): Mike Finazzo, Thomas Dotstry

Hola Digheads! Here’s a quick minicast with some gosh danged stand ups and some musics! Mike and Josh are playing a show with the band Polaroid Rage at the Baltimore Soundstage at 124 Market Place Baltimore, Md 21202 on Feb 20th! Come on out!

Also! Please come out for the LIVE CD RECORDING of comedian Mike Finazzo’s first album at the Sidebar Tavern on Sunday March 4th!! There will be 2 free shows!! One at 8 and another at 10! 218 E. Lexington Street – Baltimore, MD 21202!!!!!!!!!!!

And watch Thomas Dotstry’s hilarious and genius concept album come to life!

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